23 Body Language Tricks That Make You Instantly Likeable… Number 3 will blow your mind

Section 4: the Handshake


Use a firm but gentle handshake

Men, especially, are sensitive to the way you shake a hand. A weak or ‘dead fish’ handshake will instantly lose you likability points.

  • Don’t just ‘offer’ your hand, a handshake is teamwork
  • Use the pressure you would use to grab the stick of a heavy pan
  • If a  person is offering you a ‘dead fish’ handshake, don’t squeeze too hard

Make eye contact as you shake hands

Looking away automatically signifies negative things:

  • You don’t have attention/respect for the other person
  • You have something to hide

Look into someone’s eyes long enough to memorize their eye color. Don’t stare, just observe for a moment.

Smile like they made your day

When looking into someone’s eyes during the shake, smile as if you saw something in their eyes that makes you happy.

Don’t laugh out loud, just smile.

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