23 Body Language Tricks That Make You Instantly Likeable… Number 3 will blow your mind

Section 7: Techniques and habits

Here I cover some things you can do that often involve some measure of interaction with your conversational/communication data.

Mirror your posture

A powerful technique that has been researched a lot is mirroring. This means people feel more comfortable around you and like you better if you stand the way they do. For example:

  • They have their arms crossed? Cross your arms
  • They are leaning on their right leg? Lean on your right leg
  • Are they holding a drink? Hold a drink

The key here is not to be obvious. The moment they notice consciously what you are doing, the technique loses power.

Mirror movements

As with the above point, you shouldn’t be obvious. But little things can go a long way:

  • You are having a coffee, they pick up their cup to drink? Do the same
  • If they smile, smile back (that’s an easy one)
  • Are they stepping a bit closer to you? Do the same

Again, don’t be obvious and don’t be a creep. This technique should be used in an unobtrusive manner, but frequently.


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