From envelope minis and bodycon pencil skirts to sweeping midis and structured flounce skirts, there’s a whole wide world of skirts out there. But which one looks best on your body shape? We’ve got the answers ahead.

1. Apple Shaped : slim lower body, carry weight around your middle.

you look fantastic in high-waisted flouncy skirts.

The waistband will hit at the smallest part of the torso and flare out over the stomach, masking the mid-section. Lastly, the short hemline will show off slender legs.



2. Hourglass Shape : curvy, with a well-defined waist. You look fantastic in pencil skirts.

A pencil skirt accentuates your curves, smoothing out thighs.

SKirt FIg


3. Pear Shaped : hips are the widest part of your body – A-line Skirts should be your favA-line Skirt


4. Banana Shaped – Waist, hip, and shoulders are all about the same width. You look fantastic in body-conscious mini skirts.

Banana Shaped


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