Canada Rush Vs Relationship

I had a conversation with my friend earlier this week compulsory convo because she was in a not so good mood. Even though she tried to put up a strong face like she was doing ok, I could see through her and I just wanted to hold and hug her.

So the problem basically was that she and her bf had to break up with each other because he wants to further his education. So he will be relocating to Canada, meaning Canada is tantamount to breakup (maybe we should be praying they deny y’all Visa to travel). The thing is, this is not the first time i have heard that line before. A lot of guys have used that as an excuse. The convo goes;

Boy: So i need to relocate, this country is really messed up, so i think i will go and do my masters and also get a job in Canada.

Girl : That’s fine (her heart starts to race like someone participating in a relay race), I pray it works out.

Boy : Am not sure about us, you know how you girls get with distance, Can we work?

Girl: Yes we can, as long as we communicate.

Boy: I don’t know if we can cope with the distance.

Girl : We can try

Boy : Ok

Before the girl can say Jack Robinson, the relationship is over……

Sure you can travel to the UK, Canada, America and anywhere in the world but how does travelling or relocating to another country automatically break up your relationship. I don’t blame them for wanting to travelling out, have you met dollars recently, but why won’t you give your relationship a try.

Yes a long distance relationships can be very difficult but the truth is relationships are never easy but when you genuinely love someone and if this person is your friend, it can actually work distance or not.

What happened to getting to Canada, settling down and you guys make plans on making this thing called relationship work?

How to make it work:

There is this thing called social media, so why is distance your excuse, skype, WhatsApp video call, BBM video call, face time.

Don’t use the time difference as an excuse, sacrificing is what makes it work.



When you are settled, is it so impossible to make plans for your girl to join you in the abroad area? Abi they can never give her Visa.

The truth is, if you want to break up with a girl or you are not just into the girl enough to make the long distance thing work, then say it but stop with the Canadian excuse, its cliche.

To the ladies, if he really loves you. China , India or Slovakia won’t stop your relationship, so don’t settle for less.




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