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Countries That Have Flattened the Covid-19 Curve Are Led By Women - Anything Oye
Flattening the Curve

Countries That Have Flattened the Covid-19 Curve Are Led By Women

If there is anything that Covid-19 is showing us; it is that we need more women to lead the world. These men are either confused or clueless at this time.
Furthermore, WHO failed the world globally with their slow response to calling “Covid-19” a pandemic.
Flattening the curve – essentially curbing the rate of infection of a virus – is what most countries are looking to achieve

Here are the list of countries who have flattened the curve for COVID-19:

New Zealand – Led by Jacinda Ardern, the country has seen a major drop in infections and has reported only twelve deaths. In the last two days, the countries has only reported 22 new cases, has a total case of 1,431 since the index; has carried out total test of 83,224 and has a total of 912 recoveries.

Germany – Long standing Chancellor Angela Merkel – in her last term – has flattened the curve in Germany, with the European nation seeing a 95% recovery rate from infections. A major drop in the number new cases has also been recorded from 7,000+ to 2,000+ daily. Germany has the second highest test done ( 1.7M+).

Finland – The Nordic nation has seen a 88% recovery rate under the leadership of Prime Minister Sanna Marin.
With only 4 deaths recorded, total case of 3,783 and a total of 57,300 tests carried out.

Belgium – Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes has succeeded in getting Belgium’s death rate down to half and has overseen a 67% recovery rate. With a total of 38,496 cases and 5,863 cases of death.

These countries have succeeded in flattening the curve for Covid-19 and we can credit their success to the leadership of these countries.

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