Did You Know – Horror Movie Edition

  1. The Doll From Anabelle the movie is Based on a Real Doll

 In 1970, a mother brought home Annabelle for her daughter as a present. The daughter, Donna, was a nursing school student living with her friend Angie. After a small amount of time with the doll, they noticed strange movements and sounds they had never heard of before. Donna even had claimed for there to be small spots of blood on the doll’s hands.

After having a medium come and check the doll (as well as the surrounding area), they concluded that the apartment that the girls were living in was built where a dead little girl was found. This meant that the spirit of the young girl had taken on the doll and was now living in her. Donna’s close friend Lou often stayed at the apartment. He found notes that said “Help me” around everywhere and even had a realistic dream about the doll hurting him.

2. Poltergeist – Actors & Actresses from the Movie died after filming

There are lots of rumors that fly with this fact. Not every single person that star in the movies has passed away, but a few have unexpectedly, leading everyone to believe there is a curse on the movies. About five months after the premiere of the first film in 1982, Dominique Dunn, aged 22, passed away after being in a coma. Her boyfriend was very abusive to her and choked her into the coma, which only lasted for four days before her death.

In 1985, Julian Beck who starred in the second film passed away due to stomach cancer. His death was a bit foreseen, due to the fact that he had been fighting the sickness for a while. Still, a lot of people continue to associate it with the curse. In 1987, William Sampson died of kidney failure from a failed procedure and infection.

Others that starred in the movies have passed including Lou Perryman, Brian Gibson, and almost Richard Lawson. Lawson was on a plane in 1992 that crashed in New York. In fact, 27people died, and he was almost one of them. The most convincing death to go along with the curse was the death of 12-year-old Heather O’ Rourke in 1988. She was thought to have the flu, which unexpectedly (and quickly) turned into cardiac arrest due to an infection that flowed through her body. No one knew that anything was wrong with her, and she died on the operating table.

3. Poltergeist – There were real skeletons used 

Yes, real skeletons were used for the movie, why? because it  was more expensive to  get realistic looking ones, so they went & got REAL/ACTUAL human skeletons, maybe that is why the curse is a thing.

4. Candy Man – Real bees were used in the Movie

Basically the actor let them put bees in his mouth for a scene where he had to kiss another actress. He wore a mouth guard to prevent the bees from getting into his throat.
No bees were killed during filming .

5. IT the Movie – The kids from the Movie are now Scared of Clowns

Bill Skarsgard, the new Pennywise, was perfect at playing his role. So perfect that in fact, he remained in full character even between takes! In doing so, Skarsgard constantly scared the children they hired as extras. He felt really bad, and some of these kids were never afraid of clowns before. Imagine walking around behind the set and being followed by the sewer-loving clown. Nightmare fuel to the max.

6. Conjuring – Priests blessed the theatres  airing  the Movie

The makers of “The Conjuring” hired real priests to be available to speak to after people saw the movie. (No, I’m not kidding.) They stated that the movie brought a negative energy, and advised people to see the selected priest if they felt weird about anything after seeing the film. Then, when “The Conjuring 2” was released, a man died during the middle of the movie! He was having chest pains and eventually passed out in the theater. They pronounced him dead, and apparently, the body went missing. I think I’ll rule out paranormal movies for a while.

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