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Hair Care for Yoruba Demons & Angels - Anything Oye
Hair Care For Nigerian Men

Hair Care for Yoruba Demons & Angels

There isn’t alot of hair care advice for our zaddies, angels and Yoruba demons out here, so I have decided to hook the men in these streets to keep you looking fly all day every day.

There is also the myth that “MEN DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR SUCH THINGS”. Well yes, some men do not care, if you are one of those, please this post is not for you but if you care about the health of your hair, please join me.

Here is 5 tips for perfect grooming:

Reduce Your Shampoo Usage – Easy peasy  right? It’s not like you even own a shampoo but just incase you do, please shampoo your hair 1-2 times weekly.
Shampoo tends to contain ingredient that washes away the natural oils in your hair which can result in flaky scalp, so take it easy on the shampooing process.

Brush & Combing: Your hair is at its most vulnerable state when it is wet. Unfortunately, guys tend to comb their hair at this point because it is less painful. You also shouldn’t be using a brush or comb for detangling purposes. This will just put unnecessary strain on your hair. Rather use an oil for this purpose. Which brings us to the next point….

Moisturizing: You need to keep your scalp and hair moisturized, the African hair is thick, coarse and sometimes dry, so moisturizing daily is very important to protect your hair from dandruff. Also because the scalp does not always produce enough oil to keep the scalp and hair moisturize. Oils like coconut oil and jojoba oil can help retain moisturize and keep the hair moisturized all day. After moisturizing, you can brush or come your hair.

Choose the Right Product: Choosing the right product is an essential factor in hair grooming especially if you are extra about your hair. Check the label of the product to ensure it does not contain certain ingredients that is petroleum-based, or that contains alcohol mineral oil, Formaldehyde, Sulfate, Propylene glycol.

Consider using pomades, balms, or styling cremes.  Try to find products that has water as the first ingredient. This ingredient will ensure that you will get enough moisture to keep your mane from frizzing out.

If you cannot keep up with all of the above, please simply, CHOOSE A LOW MAINTENANCE HAIRSTYLE.
Simply moisturize, easy on the brushing and you are good to go…


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