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Is it really the Nigerian Government or You? - Anything Oye

Is it really the Nigerian Government or You?

A friend came to my house recently, an ad came up on the TV and he said, I do not like seeing black people on TV and he proceeded to change the channel.

I was horrified at his statement and I asked why. I learnt a lot from the conversation but I still didn’t agree with his initial remark.

This conversation took us to the first coup in Nigeria (Did you know that the first coup in Nigeria was orchestrated by 5 Igbo men & 1 Yoruba man? If you are like me, we must have missed this class, this explains the hatred between the Igbo’s & Hausa’s)  and even farther in time to discuss the stupidity of Africans.
What Stupidity?
He was of the opinion that, we had mineral & natural resources but we weren’t doing anything of value with those resources asides from our primitive wars with neighboring communities. Westerners came and industrialized our resources but unfortunately to our detriment. Yes, Africans maybe late bloomers, stuck in our ways but when we finally learn we excel.

Present Day
He added that the average Nigerian calculates the profit of the next man thereby wanting a cut from it, JUST BECAUSE he/she feels entitled to it. Typical example will be “Virgin Atlantic Nigeria” – Read the story.

An entrepreneur trying to make ends meet in Nigeria without any connection makes for a loathsome experience, the government and its minions parade their shops like ants carting away Naira coated in sugar. The owner bleeds still the demise of the business.  At this point, Youtube looks like the only option.

The point is, it isn’t the government carrying out these actions on the people but rather people like me & you, they are our family members, friends (connect)  enforcing these rules with unnecessary zealousness and callousness but we blame the government.
We need to understand that it is not the government collecting those fees or carrying out these unjust actions but our own people. So are we blameless in this?

Yes, our government is a big problem but aren’t we a reflection of our government? Recently, we have seen an influx of former internet/alleged fraudsters in politics. Example is someone, whose name rhymes with Shine pebbles. We are to believe that he wants to make a change in our society. Miss me with the b***S**t!!!

Yes, the black race behaves cursed but I’m hopeful that things can better IF me & you start to make the changes in our daily activities

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