Okafor’s Law from my Pot of Beans

Okafor’s Law by definition from the Urban dictionary :

This statement applies to guys mostly. If you have been involved in a relationship with a girl for over a period of time and you did a great job, in and out of the bedroom(mostly in), the belief is that you can always go to the girl at any given time and sleep with the girl no matter what situation arises (break ups, different lovers etc).
Another definition:
Okafor’s Law states that once a man has had a woman, he can have her again at any time, and a believer in the law puts it to a test with past girlfriends over a 21-day period. (Story line to Omoni Oboli’s movie “Okafor’s Law”)
Example :
After years of dating earlier, Tunde used the “Okafor’s law” to restart a sexual relationship with Funbi
Basically saying that every Ex (Guy) can always get some ass from their old girl. This is a very sexiest comment ( I’m not trying to fight for the women folks but hear me out), Yes the D is good and the girl wants to come back for more D but that is just it. Just about the D, doesn’t give any guy bragging right.
How can a D justify the fact that you a MAN, you should not the be proud of the fact that the girl simply wants your D and nothing more, its pathetic.
Secondly not all exes want your D even if it was great, there is always a better looking and feeling D, so whats all the fuss about Okafor’s law.
So Once dembe is not equal always dembe.

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