Are Men Threatened By Independent Women?

Independent Women – they are strong & confident, they have dreams and aspirations like everyone else but the difference between these independent women and everyone, in general, is that they have plans and time stamps on how to achieve their set goals. They are strong enough to face any challenge head-on, even without a support system in place, and they never have to worry about their needs going unmet because they simply won’t allow that to happen.

Even in their dating life, they do not have the time for the regular foolishness that people go through and they cannot put up with most of it. Being a boss feels wonderfully empowering in almost every way, but the biggest challenge that tends to come their way is finding true love. Men are accustomed to being the strong one in a relationship, the dominant decision maker who overpowers the timid submissive woman and usually gets his way.

The Independent Woman Vibe ” I Don’t Need A Man”

Basically, most independent do not need a guy a to provide their needs, they got themselves covered whereas most guys are used to sorting out the bills with their ladies, so meeting a woman that do not require their help for anything in this department may make them feel emasculated. In reality, they complain about how the women really want them for their monies.

Confident & Sexy

They do not have to have the sexiest body or beautiful face but they ooze confidence and a lot of sexy comes from being confident in who they are and how they carry themselves, so you need your confidence level up there to get her attention.

Alpha Male Vs Boss Bitch Situation

Most males do not know how to handle the situation, so they get hostile and they will rather run away from that situation, Men rarely like competition in the opposite sex, it’s like a major strike to their Ego. Isn’t it funny how independent women are mostly referred to as Bitches, stuck up or mean?

Time is Money

You certainly don’t expect an independent lady to wait on you whenever it’s convenient for you, you need to let her know ahead of time, even if she simply wants to Netflix and chill with her girlfriends, she won’t be cancelling that for you.

I don’t Care Attitude

She don’t curr about what you think about her, she is going to do exactly what she wants and at the time she wants to do it.

A man who’s strong enough to be with you will be able to handle everything you are. To the guys, consider the benefits of being with an independent woman. She won’t be a burden on you, but rather an asset, and will always encourage you to continue having your own social life outside of her (because we want the exact same thing).

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