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Model College Chronicles: Chapter 1 - Senior Dotun - Anything Oye
Model College

Model College Chronicles: Chapter 1 – Senior Dotun

I will be sharing my Model college chronicles from time to time, here is the first chapter, Enjoy

Senior Dotun K was a pretty loud mouth Yoruba girl. She always wore a particular Blue chequered dress because of how it made her ass look……I digress..back to the real reason why we are here.

Snr Dotun was my bunk-mate. I was in JS 2 and she in SS2.
Back then, I was rather down to earth in stature, one of the smallest people in my set, hence I was often taken advantage of due to this by awon seniors them.
Snr K on the otherhand was obviously BIG with a demeaning attitude.😩

Now, there were certain expectations required as a junior student from most seniors;one of which was to either:
1. Fetch your bunkmates water
2. Collect her food
3. If you are unlucky or she is from hell, you will do both.
PS: Your bunkmate is usually your senior

Doing both of the chores above was never a walk in the park.
The tap is not a meter from you and there wouldn’t always be water at the tap, so we used to go and look for water at distant places.
You finally find water and your fellow juniors queue up for hours and when it’s finally your turn, a Senior comes to the tap, ignores the queue puts her bucket just after the bucket getting water or if she is evil enough flings the bucket at the tap and puts hers.

If you are unlucky, that’s where you will eat your dinner or lunch, sometimes your village people will suck the water in tank just when it’s your turn, water has finished 🙆🏽‍♀

Back to Snr Dotun, she was not a friend neither was she an enemy, however she just didn’t give a rat ass about me 🤷‍♀, as long as I fetch her water and get her food when necessary. 😩

But me calling her out is because of what she & her friends put me through during their Muslim fast because for the most part, I was able to manage Dotun and all her errands, food, water, get that, get this but things went south during their Muslim fast.

I’m a Christian, so why would I concern myself with the dealings of my Muslim bunkmate but No, my bunk mate & her 3 marine spirit friends will wake me up at around 4am when they were back from the dining hall and my day starts with me attending to all their needs before I go to school.

On one of those days has usual, I washed their plates, put them in my locker to return to the owners after school hours. When it was time to return the plates, 3 of the plates were missing, Dotun’s plate was included (my enemies were peculiarly against me at that time). And I became a slave to not just Dotun but her friends too; to pay my debt, I had to fetch water for all of them.

The second friend requested that I got her a bucket and fill it with water. (Only boarding school students can relate to the struggles of looking for buckets when school is  in full session, it’s like looking for needle in a haystack) I didn’t even have a bucket to my name, so how would I get one for you?

The third asked that I collect her food dinner (fortunately, I hated most of the meals they gave us as dinner, so I could always give her mine) but the struggles of getting dinner (hey God), the long horrible queues with the prefects belting everyone to stay on the queue, the only sane day was on Thursdays when the meal was Eko & Vegetable for dinner💁🏽‍♀for obvious reasons

All of these was to last pending when I could find their plates or replace it, can you believe these mini marine spirits?😏

There were days I couldn’t catch up with all these and I ended up serving punishments from 1 or 2 of them daily. When I had had enough of their errands, punishments & frustrations, I summoned up the courage and reported them to my guardian (they want to kill me for my mother o) na book I come read, no be suffer.

After reporting, things became saner but the name calling & insult increased because I was now the house snitch and my side bunkmate who happened to be family friend became the favorite (Hi Tee winks) but her own bunkmate Toju had her own peculiarity.
Now that’s a story for tomorrow, stay tuned😉

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