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My Friend Got Vaccinated At A PHC In Lagos - Covid 19 - Anything Oye

My Friend Got Vaccinated At A PHC In Lagos – Covid 19

My Friend Got Vaccinated!!!

When my friend mentioned she was getting vaccinated, I and another friend expressed shock on her decision. Brave Man….

I thought to myself, why are you taking a vaccine that the source cannot be trusted like everything in Nigeria? But I also thought about her perspective, it is better to be healthy than sorry. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing which is, to be healthy, so why did we question a decision that is supposed to be the right one?

Is it because the world at large has become one big game of poker, the pharmaceuticals, pioneers, entrepreneurs and government have turned against the people by caring only about their pockets?

PS: I intend to take the vaccine but towards the end of the year, I will be ready. – so, it is not because of all those righteous or unrighteous propaganda…

These are my reservations against the vaccines for now:

  •  The use of Africa & Africans as lab-rats and our raggedy ass government allowing it to happen
  • The fact that Africa was not as badly hit as the entire world projected it to affect us but all of a sudden we are also expected to take the vaccines.
  • How do we know that our government and those sharing the vaccines are giving out the real thin and not caprisonne just to hoard the real s**t for their family?
  • The real issue here – from the little I know about vaccines, don’t quote me outside o – Vaccines need about a year to be developed and another 6months – 1 year to determine the side effects if any.

I’m scared and my fears are as valid as the next person that is taking a chance on the vaccine. So Again, we are all heading towards the same goal “Health” just using different routes.

The world at large is at a different place, I can’t say the same for Nigeria (do you know that you need Police report & affidavit to retrieve your sim card) hmmm, this is where we are and I’m suppose to hand over my arm for you to inject me, I think I’m comfortable with paying for the vaccine if it comes to that when I am ready for it. But for now, Kashimawo is where I’m.

Yes, my friend had ZERO side effects to the vaccine, which is great news. So, if you are at the mental space where you are ready for it, do not let people like me guilt trip you into not taking it. It is a decision that you must make for yourself and  health. So, take a chance on your health, as I m also taking a chance on my health.



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