On Monday 7th October, 2019, BBC released a documentary ” Sex For Grades”, it was explosive.

As usual, there was social media outcry which birth the hashtag #sexforgrades and #DrBoniface, a lecturer at the University of Lagos became the most recent face of the crime.
In light of the news, there were different reactions to the documentary, some thought it as a campaign against Africa, which is far from the truth. Sexual favors is prevalent in the different sectors of every society, e.g Harvey Weinstein & Bill Cosby in Hollywood. Therefore, the tweet below is not accurate.

What truth please?

This individual is pushing his/her insecurity on an entire continent, the same logic applies to women who are told to keep sexual abuse against their daughters by their husbands a private family matter, this mentality needs to stop and people should be held accountable for their actions.
The western world has it’s issues, because we are referred to as a “third world” country does not mean our issues are different, there are similarities from terrorism, fraud, global warming and most especially objectification of women; sexual harassment is a global epidemic that needs stop. However, what separates us from the west is how we handle these issues.

#SexforGrades – it’s been 3 weeks now during which Dr Boniface tried to commit suicide but was rescued, easy way out for him, isn’t it?
There was also Madam Kemi Olunoloyo, who tried to debase the documentary. Having watched that documentary myself, one needs to be a special individual to condemn the documentary.

There were those that tried to politicize the movement, the First Lady of Ekiti State, who said that she was a victim of sexual harassment but forgot her humanity when her security detail shot at STUDENTs who were protesting the lack of electricity in their school because they barricaded her convoy from moving forward. Where is your humanity?

A few weeks have now passed and just like these hashtags, #pastorbiodunfatoyinbo #endsars #policebrutality #ussd #stopkillingus, the #sexforgrades is slowly dying.

What was the goal?
Yes, Dr Boniface has faced the music but what about Dr X, Mr A & Mr B & Mrs O, will they ever be exposed or punished for their shameful behavior?



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