Nigeria Needs RESTRUCTURING….What the hell is Restructuring?

If you at least read a tiny bit of news on social media you will definitely have seen or heard of the word “restructuring”

What is Restructuring? For those that do not know:

Wikipedia says: Restructuring is the corporate management term for the act of reorganizing the legal, ownership, operational, or other structures of a company for the purpose of making it more profitable, or better organized for its present needs.

If you are like me that just wants to have a little understanding of what this is all about, just read up. Basically in simple words, If Nigeria is re-structured, this will give more power to the state and local governments, they do not have to wait for the monies allocated to them by the federal government before they attend to Health, education and many other sectors in their state. The federal government will handle Foreign Affairs of the state. This is a basic understanding of what the “clamoration”is all about

For those that need more than my above explanation, the paragraph below is for:

I will strongly advocate for devolution of powers to the extent that more responsibilities be given to the states while the Federal Government is vested with the responsibility to oversee our foreign policy, defence, and economy. Even the idea of having Federal roads in towns and cities has become outdated and urgently needs revisiting. That means we need to tinker with our constitution to accommodate new thoughts that will strengthen our nationality. Restructuring and devolution of powers will certainly not provide all the answers to our developmental challenges; it will help to reposition our mindset as we generate new ideas and initiatives that would make our union worthwhile. The talk to have the country restructured means that Nigerians are agreed on our unity in diversity; but that we should strengthen our structures to make the union more functional based on our comparative advantages. (General Ibrahim Babagnida) – Do not look at the prophet but listen to the words.

My 2 cents- In as much as I like the idea, true re-structuring cannot take place until all this pretend thieves, looters and crooked politicians are out of our system. I implore the youths to vote right during the next election, lets have sense and be involved in all aspects of the election come 2019.

I’m only trying to make common sense….lol



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