Its No Longer News – Bandanas Are In Style Again

Bandana Choker 2

If you are a 90’s kid like me, you remember putting on bandana’s in school, it was the in-thing back then, styled with baggy jeans, it was for the cool kids.

This style was first introduced to us by Tupac but it was made mainstream by other artists¬†from Jennifer Lopez – Destiny’s Childs. However, here we are in 2017 and bandana is in style again.

A few ways to style you bandana if you don’t know how to rock this style:

Has a choker

Apparently, you can now rock it has a bracelet, this is something I could try on a day that I m really feeling myself

Choker Bandana

Has A Bracelet & Anklet

Bracelet bandana

Bracelet bandana 4

Bracelet 3

Has an Accessory for your hair – This is the most comfortable and common way the bandana is rocked.

Bandana Scarf

Bandana Turban



Has A Belt

Belt Bandana

Which of these will you be trying out?





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