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Nollywood Stars VS Fans - Anything Oye

Nollywood Stars VS Fans


Have you noticed the love hate relationship between Nollywood stars and fans?

Case study, Funke Akindele VS Fans & Nollywood Celebrity VS Fans – The trend of this fight evolved is as stated.

The now infamous story goes this way:

Funke was a spokesperson for NCDC & Dettol but had a mini-party at her house during the lock down as a result of the covid 19 pandemic. Clips of the party was uploaded on social media by her husband which led to fans and non-fans to call him out.
Unfortunately, his wife Funke got the brunt of the situation since she was a spokesperson for the pandemic. They were subsequently arrested after some people called for their arrest, judgement was passed, they were given 14 days in community service and to pay a fine of 100,000.

Next chain of events surprised me, there was a divide. Some fans called for mercy, some backtracked saying the punishment was too much and some called people out for calling Funke and her husband out. It was a mess.

The likes of Ayo Makun, Uti  & other celebrities decided to chime in to support their own but were quick to call fans fake and hypocrites for not calling out the government as they did Funke.

This is not the first time celebrities have insulted fans to support their own even when their own was clearly in the wrong. They are quick to support their colleagues without evaluating the situation. Another example is the Sydney Talker situation where some of them were quick to give their support to the social media comic.

The point is you can support your own even when they are in the wrong, however, you do not need to insult people because your person was called out for doing something wrong.

Celebrities respond with speed when they are caledl out but not as much when they are showered with praises but isn’t that all of us?

I think has a people, we need to re-evaluate our lives and filter out the right from the wrong¬† because one person got away Scot-free from a crime doesn’t mean the next person would.
Support those that truly deserve it, this is not to say Funke Akindele isn’t one of those, as she is at the top of the list, the woman is hardworking and full of talents.

However, let’s be more reasonable in our dealings, this is especially goes to celebrities.

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