I have been a product manager for 5 months now and in that time, I have learnt that as much as you are in control of how you manage your time & work, you still need to be prepared for uncertainties.

Technology can be mysterious sometimes, like there are some evil spirits working against you & your progress in the coding realm.

When I resumed, I was itching to start working but with 4 months gone, there is always so much to catch up on and attend to. Processes & dynamics differ from company to company, cause I imagined that I will only be in control of projects, products & new features, boy was I wrong. I manage everything meaning 75% of all the systems used in the office and did I mention the bugs.. (things that just decide to stop working for reasons known only to them)….

I’m also finding my voice & learning to speak out since I have to attend meetings with top level officials. I m also learning the art of listening and understanding given my new role because it is important you understand the pain point of your user or customer to allow you find a solution to the problem.

Till next time again…


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