Let’s look at the life & journey of one of the most controversial senators in the history of Nigeria, as terrible as the reputation of this man, there are a lights in his tunnel that shows that he sometimes considers the plight of the people.


Daniel Dino Melaye was born in the city of Kano.

He was a Student union leader at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

He became the Secretary General of African Youth Council and then that of the Commonwealth Youth Council.

These positions won him the African youth of the year award after which he was appointed by President Olusegun Obasanjo to chair the Presidential Advisory Council on Youths.

Political life

Melaye was a member In the House of Representatives, where he openly opposed President Jonathan Goodluck, calling his government the most corrupt one in Nigeria.

In the 2015 Senatorial election, he was elected a member of the Senate of Nigeria from the Kogi West Senatorial District.

He seconded the nomination of Senator Bukola Saraki as a candidate for the office of President of the Senate following a nomination made by Senator Ahmad Sani Yerima

Dino Drama


In the past couple of months, it has been one story or the other for Senator Dino Melaye, have you ever wondered what the root of all of his dram is? Let me tell you the gist.

The current governor of Kogi State Yhaya Bellow & Senator Dino Melaye has always supported different bosses.

Yhaya supported President Buhari & Dino, Late Prince Audu who supportedĀ Rabiu Kwankwanso for the presidential primaries in 2015 and was supposed to be the governor of Kogi until death took over.

The Prince died & Gov Bello became the governor, he went ahead to share the senatorial tickets to Melaye & others, this was questioned by INEC as a result of lack of primaries. However, Dino Melaye escaped this recall by the Court of Appeal.

Gov Bello & Dino Melaye worked together in peace & harmony until the gov needed to select his candidate for local government, Senator Dino objected – this disagreement led to the many drama we have played out on social media.

The assassination plot?
The federal government took Mr Melaye to court earlier this year for allegedly providing false information about an alleged assassination attempt on his life.

In April 2017, Mr Melaye accused Yahaya Bello, Kogi’s state governor, of being responsible for a failed assassination attempt on his life.


Allegedly threatened to beat up and “impregnate” a female senator – a claim he denied stating that it would be impossible to impregnate Mrs Tinubu because she had gone through the menopause.


He is challenging a recall of his senate seat after a petition of almost 200,000 voters demanded his dismissal. The petition, which was submitted in July 2017, cited his “poor performance”

But, Senator Melaye argues that the signatures are not from Kogi state voters.

And it seems he was right. Following a verification exercise this weekend, the Independent National Electoral Commission (Inec) told the BBC that only 5.34% of the signatures were of registered voters in his constituency of Kogi West.

The threshold of verified signatures needed for a recall to be successful is 51%

Below are all the motions sponsored by Senator Dino Melaye

Motions raised in the Senate

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