Stop Hating The Friendzone – Here Are 6 Damn Good Reasons To Embrace It

3. The Friendzone Helps You Lose Your Sense Of Entitlement

Another important lesson to learn from the process of being friendzoned is that women don’t owe you their romantic affection, nor do they owe you sex. There is no rule of the universe which states that, as long as you have found a single woman who is friendly towards you and in whom you are interested, she must return your affections and eventually progress things to a romantic level.

Of course, movies, books and songs have been indoctrinating all of us with the opposite message for decades. The classic film trope is that the beautiful but misguided woman will date asshole guys until she eventually sees that a nice guy was under her very nose all along, and then they will kiss passionately, get married and make a clan of babies. No wonder, then, that it feels jarring when real-life women don’t operate that way and are simply more interested in having you as a friend than as a boyfriend.

These are the basic facts, though: Movies aren’t real life, and no woman owes you her romantic interest. The idea that a woman can “lead you on” by being kind to you or enjoying your company betrays a damaging level of entitlement towards them, and the mere fact that a single woman is hanging out with you isn’t some signed and sealed agreement that you are going to be lovers at some point. The very concept of the friendzone as a negative place encapsulates this entitlement, and that’s another reason it’s advantageous to reframe the friendzone as a positive – even fortunate – place to be.

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