Stop Hating The Friendzone – Here Are 6 Damn Good Reasons To Embrace It

4. The Friendzone Helps You Build Stronger Relationships With Women

Learning to see women as fully fledged human beings with their own desires, values and goals as opposed to romantic prospects walking around waiting to be “won” by a man is a plus for everyone. For women, it’s great because it means their full humanity is being acknowledged, and for you it’s great because you can start to view women as multidimensional beings rather than things to be acquired, and that’s ultimately much more fulfilling.

Look, we’re not trying to be insulting: We know you don’t view women as flat, two-dimensional objects; it’s just that so much of society, represented through the media, does. Women are constantly reduced to boring beings valuable only insofar as they are beautiful or could make diligent wives and mothers. And, for straight men, being platonic friends with women is one of the best ways of overcoming this stereotypical view of women and gaining a more complex, interesting perspective of women in general.

It’s not an accident that the most vigilantly misogynistic men tend not to have many female friends: When the only women in your life are mums, providers of sex or coworkers you bump into in the kitchen at work, you aren’t seeing the full spectrum of female behaviour or accessing their inner worlds. The friendzone is an excellent locale for getting to know women on a deep – and deeply fulfilling – level.

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