Stop Hating The Friendzone – Here Are 6 Damn Good Reasons To Embrace It

5. The Friendzone Ensures You Don’t End Up In Relationships For The Wrong Reasons

Say things went the way you ostensibly wanted them to: You pined for a certain woman, explained that you saw her as more than “just” a friend and that she’d led you to believe she felt the same way, and even though she has expressed no genuine romantic interest in you, she agrees to be with you because that’s how you want things to be.

Does that sound good, being with someone who doesn’t actually desire you back? No, it doesn’t – it sounds like a relationship that’s doomed to fail. Relationships are enriching and valuable because they are unions in which two people freely agree to like each other and spend time together. They are rewarding because another person sees you for who you are, warts and all, and decides that you’re cool enough to hang with anyway. Why on earth would you want someone to hang around pretending they felt that way about you, when they didn’t? The friendzone is a blessing in that it ensures that, so long as you’re in it, you at least aren’t in a hellish relationship out of a woman’s sense of obligation or guilt.

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