Team Put Your Bae Up On SM vs Team Don’t vs Team Wait Till The Right Time

So during the early days of social media – the blackberry days, it was almost the norm to put your boyfriend or girlfriend as your display picture, it was so cool to know that the lady or guy you love puts you up… its just gives tummy butterflies.

We moved on from that and then, people reduced all that and it was don’t put it up immediately, wait for a while and now its just a lot of things.

There are the funny ones that do this: This is just an illustration for you to understand what I’m saying, it does not mean that the people in this pictures are doing just that:

You know these guys na, the ones that will show only fingers or hands or legs, you get the drift, simply to protect the identity of bae from the prying eyes of the world or from evil people, I’m not really sure.

Now we have the ones that wait till they get engaged to announce that they have even been in a relationship all along and some go further and wait till after introduction and just maybe after the wedding date has been picked to avoid any drama on social media.

There are the ones that do not care about everything at all

At the moment, I’m indifferent about which ever category you belong to because, at the end of the day, there is the flip side to each of this, maybe the ones that do not care about any of the categories at all are free.

The world we are in as made it so difficult to show the one you love to the world because:

  1. If you put up the one you love today and then y’all break up, you move on to a new relationship, put this new person you up again and the cycle keeps going like that. World people won’t let you rest, they start to count it for you and then this person that is just simply happy by letting, everyone know they are in love becomes scared of what people will say.
  2. If you put them up after introduction – who is to say you will end up at the alter, so why not wait till after the wedding date has been picked.  In fact, “I will just wait till the wedding day”. However, people will still complain about one thing or the other.

So please love who you love, show them to the world if that makes you happy, celebrate them while they are alive, no one is promised tomorrow and don’t let the world stop you from showing your love and celebrating each other.

Live, Love, Life.

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