Tech Company is Trying to Revamp the Nigeria Police Force

We know that the Nigerian Police is known for their incompetence, just incase you believe the “the Police Is Your Friend” slogan, you are on your own (OYO).

However, a certain man who is chairman and CEO of Web Assets Nigeria Limited, Kayode Aladesuyi has a created is a mobile App “HawkEye” which is a crime reporting and management system. It is a comprehensive tool that will help the Nigeria Police Force analyze and manage crimes effectively while also vetting performance of the police force across the country in general.

After downloading HawkEye from the Android and iOS app stores, users can report an ongoing crime by capturing live media — video and or picture — inputting details and sending it across anonymously at the touch of a button. Or place a call to the police at the click of a button.

This report is received at the command centre which then proceeds to dispatch the nearest and available police unit to the scene of the crime. The chosen unit receive this dispatch directive on their iPolice tablet and proceeds to the scene.

When a report is sent across, the command centre can choose to ignore it and the user gets a message that the police thinks the information is inaccurate or false.

The police verifies information received by assessing it intelligently for telltale signs of falsehood.

Mr Kayode said he met vice-president Yemi Osinbanjo who commended the system and said even though Nigeria needed it, there were no monies available.

The vice president then advised him to consider other streams of income for HawkEye. After a period of contemplation and brainstorming, Web Assets settled on ads as a revenue source for the system.

This automatically structured HawkEye around a business model Kayode calls philantreneurship; a combination of philanthropy and entrepreneurship. In this model, there is a public service and profit motive rolled into one. So HawkEye and all its attending infrastructure and trainings are free to the Nigeria Police Force.

Do you think this will work in Nigeria?

Culled From TechPointNG

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