2019: Must candidates be subjected to debate & Other Headlines

INEC Suggest that Candidate Should Be Subjected to Debate

Debating is part of the democratic culture. It is part of the ethos of democracy to have public debates on live television before the electorate.

As it is now, you cannot compel anyone to debate except there is a law. But even in the United States, there is no law that compels anyone from engaging in a debate. It is by volition. But because we have an irresponsible leadership in this country which is epitomized by Muhammadu Buhari and Yemi Osinbajo, they will never come out to debate with any sensible person. And this reflects a lack of respect for the electorate. – Femi Fani Kayode.

Do you think its possible to have various candidates to debate in Nigeria?

Melaye, Senate VS Nigerian Police

The police strangely arraigned the lawmaker in the magistrate court right from the hospital on a stretcher, first on three charges; attempted suicide among others in the Federal Capital Territory. Incidentally, after securing bail and meeting conditions, Melaye was rearrested by the police on the court premises for arraignment the next day on the initial crimes; unlawful possession of arms among others allegedly committed alongside two others in Kogi State.

There is a high number of Police officers guarding the embattled Senator, which shows that there is more to it than just his crimes. The police have handled his situation meanness and hostility.

Furthermore, the IGP of police was summoned but for one reason or the other, the IGP has been conveniently unavailable, which the makes the Senate feel insulted.

In as much as, we understand that the police is trying to show or prove that no one is above the law, irrespective of your status, we the people are NOT blind or gullible enough to think that this is why, Senator Dino Melaye is been treated in such ill-mannered way.

We can leave them in this boat as they are dealing with each other on deeper levels that we cannot understand.

Again, bandits kill 45, raze houses in Kaduna village

Again, scores of suspected bandits, on Saturday afternoon, raided Gwaska Village in the Birnin-Gwari Local Government Area of Kaduna State, killing 45 persons, mostly children.

The Birnin-Gwari Vanguards for Security and Good Governance said no fewer than 45 bodies were recovered by vigilantes and volunteers with the assistance of soldiers on Sunday afternoon.

The attack came barely a week after the killing of 14 miners at a mining site at Janruwa in the same LGA.

The source said the bandits, in their hundreds, as usual, stormed Gwaska Village via Zamfara State, riding on motorcycles.

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