4 Families Rejoice as TECNO Mobile Redeems their Prizes

Our happiness goes out to the four families who have been made millionaires by TECNO Mobile in the just concluded TECNO #LightUpYourDream Competition. From this competition 2 contestants online won a million naira each, while 2 customers who bought the TECNO Spark phone within the period on the competition also won 1 million naira each via a live draw.


Bashiru Bolatito and Adeshina Abiola made it to the top 10 selected participants invited to pitch their dreams. Just like they others they on a live stream before they panel of judges, they presented their dreams as good number of Nigerians watched on TECNO Mobile’s social pages.


Meet the 4 winners after they have recemoney had been given to them.


Bashiru Bolatito – A fashion designer (@houseoftito on Instagram) who only had two sewing machines in her possession, revealed how happy she was when she got to be among the top ten finalists. As soon as she was announced a winner, her story changed. She couldn’t hide her happiness as she fell to the ground amidst tears. In her words, people who had not even reached out to her in 20 years, started to call her to ask for their shares, letting her know it is their prayers that have worked for her. Watch what she has to say.


*insert video from link https://www.instagram.com/p/Bb2HkcfARIp/?r=wa1

Adesina Abiola – A fish pond owner who had only one fishpond in his uncle’s house. Bearing in mind the danger of having a fishpond in a very residential house like his uncles’, Abiola was really looking forward to an expansion, then boom; TECNO Mobile comes calling to Light Up His Dream. He has commenced his expansion plan as he moves to acquire a land and make even more fishponds. TECNO Mobile has lit his dream. He never expected it!


*insert video https://www.instagram.com/p/Bb4E0zgHkG5/?r=wa1

Eberechi Ihezukwu – A business man who hails from the east was the third winner of the #lightupyourdream competition. He won from the offline platform as the store promotion only required people to buy the TECNO Spark device and stand a chance to win one million naira.

Eberechi was picked through a live draw, he was called live, and he out rightly told TECNO Mobile that he didn’t believe them, he thought it was a scam. He only called later, and believed when he was invited to the headquarters to come claim his prize money.

Through the offline platform, Emeka Kalu – Also a business man from the east became a million naira richer. After he received his cash prize, has not stopped telling TECNO Mobile how grateful he is, and how elated he feels. Infact ‘’he has only used TECNO phones all his life’’.

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