5 Must-Have Fashionable Travel Accessories for Ladies

Ladies, get in here!!! This piece is for you.


Car, plane or train? Irrespective of how you are traveling and where you are traveling to, there are some fashionable accessories you must carry along with you every time you hit the road. It is always good to look chic and feel comfy when in transit, because you may never know who you will run into. Remember the world is a global village, so it is always good to look your best at all times. There have been cases of people meeting potential business partners, employers or even future husbands in some hotels in Lagos. So, it is good to look the part all the time. Some of the must-have fashionable traveling accessories to spice up any outfit include:


  1. A trench coat

History has it that the trench coat was originally designed for soldiers during the first world war. However, it has since been hijacked by women]  of all ages. It is the supreme travel jacket – classic, elegant and light weight, all at once. It is worn by both men, women and children. Although, commonly worn in countries that experience extreme cold temperatures, it can also be worn in hot temperate countries such as Nigeria. It is a must-have for frequent travelers because it has the ability to spice up a seemingly boring outfit.

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  1. A pair of comfortable loafers

Striking a balance between comfort and fashion is important when shopping for travel foot wears. Loafers are the most comfortable shoes for traveling. Except you are traveling for business purpose or there is a possibility that you would go to an A-List restaurant during your trip, you will never go wrong with packing only flat loafers for your trip. Particularly when you are traveling for an overseas trip, you will want your shoes to be comfortable for walking as you go about exploring all the interesting points of attractions. Imagine walking a rocky terrain in 6-inches high stilettos, we both know how that will end. So investing in comfy loafers is a great choice.



  1. Sunglasses

Wearing the right sunglasses can make a difference. Without proper eyewear to protect the eyes, the eyes will become tired and may not be able to focus on the beautiful sights around. As such, sunglasses play a very important role for travelers. It helps to shield the eyes from dust as well as the sun. Wearing glare-resistant glasses will increase your chances of seeing the wonderful sights around because you will be able to see clearly. Hence, it is important you choose the proper eye glasses for your next trip in a bid to enhance your overall experience.

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  1. A Scarf

Apart from being a stylish addition to any outfit, a scarf is an amazing multitasker to carry along when traveling. Scarves can be used as pillows, blankets to keep warm while on a long trip, they can even be wrapped around the body in form of a blouse. A scarf can also be used as a towel to dry up the body after a quick bath. Donning a scarf on a seemingly boring outfit makes it look chic and classy. A scarf can also be used for keeping valuables while on a trip. Since most tourists wear their cameras around their neck, they can also be used to conceal the cameras as well.

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  1. A sun hat

Whether your skin burns out easily or not, it is important for you to protect your face and eyes from the harsh summer sun. A sun hat is a perfect way to protect yourself while also looking chic and fab. You can wear them to hang out at the park, go swimming, surf on the beach, or even for exploring a new city. More so, there are different styles of hats for different personality types. A person who wants a classic beach look might want to try a floppy hat, while someone with a vintage flair can go for a Panama hat. A fedora hat, on the other hand, is perfect for those looking for protection but do not want a wide playful hat.

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Written by Sandra Enaholo DARE

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