5 Places to Find Rich Husbands in Lagos

It is the dream of many Nigerian ladies to find a rich husband before the age of 30. Although not many will openly admit this because they will hide behind the guise of being independent and not ready to settle down. But as soon as they meet a rich guy, they are ready to throw caution to the wind and find ways to make him propose to them. Some of them even subscribe to blogs that provide information on how to attract and keep a man. Well, if you belong to this category of ladies, and have been finding it difficult to find a rich husband, then maybe you have been searching the wrong places. Below is a list of places where you can find a rich husband in Lagos:

  1. Protea Hotel Ikeja

Protea Hotel Ikeja is a place where modern styles meet the needs of comfort. There is no way you visit this hotel and stay at the lobby without running into some rich guy. Everything about this hotel speaks sophistication and class and it no doubt attracts people who enjoy the luxurious lifestyle that comes with a grand place. As such, if you are having difficulty meeting a rich husband, be sure to visit this luxury hotel in Lagos.

  1. Murtala Mohammed Airport

Murtala Mohammed Airport (both local and international) is another place where you can meet a rich husband in Lagos. The rich man you desire to have as a husband most likely runs a business that may require him to travel from one place to the other within the country and outside the country. As such, if you take regular visits to the airport, you will no doubt run into someone who fits into exactly what you want in a man. So, if I were you, I will look for a reason to visit the airport regularly whether I have something to do there or not (winks*).


  1. Piccolo Mondo Restaurant

Piccolo Mondo Restaurant is an exquisite restaurant in Lagos that attracts a high caliber of guests day in day out. Finding a table in this restaurant can be quite difficult if you are low on cash, but well you will do yourself so much good if you find a way to get yourself a table in this restaurant. After you have gotten a table for yourself, be sure to smile often as this brightens your face and make you appear approachable to your potential suitors. The mere fact that you are spotted in a place like this will make the men interested in you.


  1. Oriental Lagos Hotel

The Oriental Lagos Hotel is another great place to find a rich husband in Lagos. Even though the hotel has been in existence for some time now, the class of people it attracts has not changed over the years. In fact, the reception area is always full of people from all walks of life. But be careful not to end up with a married man because many of these Lagos married men always appear single. Remember hell hath no fury like a scorned woman. You don’t want the wives of these rich Lagos men coming after you with all they’ve got.  Even if you live to tell the tale, I am sure the encounter will not be a pleasant one.

  1. COZA Lagos

It is a known fact that people no longer go to churches because they want to fellowship with God,  there are many other reasons why people go to churches these days. Depending on the size and location of the church, you are bound to meet someone that suits your criteria. Common Wealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) is one of such churches where you can find a rich husband.  Many rich young men find their way to COZA to worship every Sunday. So what are you waiting for? Get your decent church clothes, moderate heels and be ready to “lift up your holy hands” in COZA next Sunday. You might never know who is watching you.

BY: Sandra Enaholo Dare
Media and Communication Professional

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