A lil Bit of Me To You

Back in 2006, after secondary school, I was finally ready to start dating, small me thought I had No business having a boyfriend in secondary school and Yes I was right, it’s not like I was ready after secondary either but at least, the heartbreaks did not start too early.

I had my first boyfriend just before I got into Uni, he was about 7 years older and he was in his final year, Yes I was naive but it also made me grow upĀ  pretty fast and o boy maturity was made for me at that age, anyways going back memory lane, I allowed myself to love without caution, I used to sing to him, and I could feel the emotions explode with all the love I showered on him, the way he giggled and chuckled over the phone. It was great times before all the drama, poison and craziness, It was too good and then life came crashing In – I got cheated on, I cheated on someone and so and so forth

Present day – showing vulnerability is not good because you will be seen as weak, you do not want to show your bf or gf that you really do love and care or else you will be taken for granted but at the end, it still does not matter, whatever will be will be.

So love like you have never loved before and when you are hurt, let yourself feel, they make for good stories when you look back. It always works out fine at the end of the day.


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