A Tale From The Other Side

She walked past me like a stranger, like we were never best friends, we have known each other since we were kids. We made promises to each other that we would never stop being each other’s everything, sadly, things do change.

Tope was my partner in crime, the twin sister I never had, our families were friends and it had been like that before we were born and we were going to continue the tradition, we shared meals, friends, money & everything there was to share. So you would wonder, how we became strangers?

Since we shared everything except boyfriends, one day, we were with Kareem, my boyfriend & he asked us if we had ever been with each other sexually, we laughed it off like No way, we really like penises. He then dared us to kiss each other, I refused but Tope was willing, so we did it and guess what? I liked it ! I had never felt that way with a man much less a woman, we heard him-Kareem cough that was when we realized what had just happened.

Thereafter, Tope & I started our whirlwind romance which made us even closer than we already were. She told me to breakup with Kareem which I did and I expected the same from her. Kareem regretted his part for the new relationship between me & Tope.

3 months into I & Tope’s new Love, I went to the mall to pick up a few things, I saw Tope frolicking with a guy, I caught up with them said Hi and left.

She came to my house later that day to explain & apologize, I accepted and told her this should be the last time I would see her with the guy in question.

A few days later, I went to Tope’s house, it was really quiet but I heard a faint moan from her room, my stomach muscle tighten because I knew it was my Tope moaning, I got a knife from the kitchen & went straight to her room, nothing could have prepared me for the scene I saw, it was mall guy having a feast on Tope’s cat, with his hands on her erect nipples & her hands on his head begging him to eat her deeper, I screamed and swung the knife at him, we all struggled with the knife………….

Remember, when I said we are now strangers? That’s because I m dead and she has moved on with her life….


The End

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