About ME!!!

You would wonder what sort of blog name is anythingoye (pronounced as O-y-a-y – Oye in Yoruba accent or anything O Y E – Calling out the letters.) either of these pronunciations will do just fine.

www.anythingoye.com blog was born out of love for shoes but the blog has evolved over the years and YES, the name has nothing to do with contents being published, life is dynamic so why limit yourself.

The blog & me are growing and learning everyday. Stay tuned to this developing journey

I’m an opinionated and like people will say, I like to argue and I enjoy it but I’m reasonable enough to learn from the next person even during a heated conversation.

My name is Oluwakemi Adeoye, Lagos girl from Ondo State, studied Mircobiology (after all the jaw breaking names, here I am) in Ajayi Crowther University Oyo, currently working in an E-commerce Company.

I am not so much of a writer but we will see how I do. Kisses

Contact – anythingoye@gmail.com

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