My Angle – Domestic Voilence

For the past few weeks, there has been one story about Husbands, Boyfriends beating their wife or girlfriend.

One is the most recent about a South African girl, who was allegedly murdered and the burnt by her boyfriend and apparently, the signs were there. Now, this young beautiful lady is dead. The shocking thing is that this is not the first victim that will die this way and by the look of things she may no be the last if we don’t educate and empower young girls.

Another story is Mercy Aigbe, she claims “I stayed because of my children and because a lot of people look up to me. I was a role model of some sort and I really wanted to keep it together. I just wanted a home”. – See the rest of the interview on

Now, look at our problem, if a grown woman says she is staying because of that reason above, why won’t young girls let their BOYFRIEND beat them up?

Someone said domestic as been happening long before the era of millennials and social media, so what is the big deal. Agreed, just like how we have been having so many crimes, social media is simply a mirror showing us what we truly are. As a matter of fact, mothers and fathers knew their place, the father provides and the mother takes care of the home but this was back in the day, Now we live in an era where:

  1. Men are not as hardworking as their fathers and simply want to eat their cake and have it.
  2. Girls are even twice more hardworking than the men.
  3. Single mothers are doing very well.
  4. Girls and boys are now allowed to go school.
  5.  Girls are also getting the same jobs as the men.

These are just a few of the changes from the old days, if these are a few changes why are some of our men still thinking like they own the women.

Dear Men,

You need to stand against some of your peers that have refused to adjust to the changes happening in front of their very eyes if your woman is cheating on you, leave her, go cry somewhere and nurse your broken heart, women have been nursing their broken hearts since ages past.

If she does not respect you and you have the urge to slap, leave that relationship or marriage before you end up killing her.

Don’t always let your ego be the judge in every situation, drop that nigga called Ego for 2 seconds and think and ask yourself about what you are about to do. Is it worth it?

Dear Women,

A man has no right to beat or simply slap, as some of you will say, it was his first time, he only slapped me. Simply leave that relationship, if he slaps you once, there is a huge chance that you are going to get beat.



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