APC’s Convention 2018 – New Chairman, Naysayers & 2019 Election

By constitution, every party is supposed to hold a national convention every two years but none has been held since December 2014 convention that produced General Muhammadu Buhari at the party’s candidate for the 2015 presidential election, furthermore most of their National Executive Committee, NEC- which are supposed to hold every quarter were not held. – The So-called board of trustees did not care about party affairs since they already won the election, which led to dysfunctional Board of Trustees, to make matters worse, various factions emerged in over 24 states in the country and In many states were APC is in power.

Much to the naysayers saying that the convention will not hold, the national chairman of the party Governor Mohammed Baduru of Jigawa state assured people that the convention will hold, which indeed it happened june 23rd.  

Is this because the APC has realized the need to show a united front? However, this did not work, as there was some sort of violence at the convention.

Lastly, the APC affirmed former Governor Adams Oshiomole as the party’s National Chairman.

Do you think this new found unity as something or everything to do with the upcoming 2019 election?

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