Are Relationships Becoming Business Deals?


There was this relationship story posted on Instagram a few days ago about a lady, she went for her Ex boyfriend’s birthday party, when she got back her boyfriend broke up with her and also demanded that she returned everything he ever got for her, which includes furniture, phones etc or else he will report her to the police, she then told him to return the all the sex they have had.

My thoughts :

Am not trying to be Mr Phil or relationship expert but maybe she was wrong to have gone for the party, there are different sides to every story, we never can tell about the scenarios that may have happened before she went for the party, maybe she told him before going maybe not.

On the part of the guy if you truly loved the girl in question when you bought her all those things, why would you ask for everything back in return?

I think the lady should return the items, and buy them herself to earn her respect back from the guy.

Relationships are not always easy, good times, bad times its understanding, patience and being close to God that gives a healthy relationship.

Back to the story – Do you think she should return all the items the guys bought for her?


3 thoughts on “Are Relationships Becoming Business Deals?”

  1. It depends on the guy’s point of view
    1. Did she tell him bout the party
    2. What was the guy’s opinion bout her going.
    Well, she knew what she was going to lose before she went for the party, and his birthday is not the only one on the world. Moreover, why do women like causing wahala for them selves? If it was me sha, I won’t go for any ex’s party
    Well, the babe looks like someone who was dependent on the guy, so she should return everything, get a job; but If she is someone that needs a guy to provide for her, she should get a new maga…..looloooool…hahahahaaaa.

  2. She shouldn’t return it. The boy is super childish. As long as she didn’t steal from the boy he can like to report to PMB sef… Lol

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