Arranged Marriages Are Better For Us

Let’s face it back in the day, before the time of OUR PARENTS, marriages survived everything, the ups and downs, the women knew their place and so did the men.

Those days you meet your wife-to-be on your wedding day and your life starts  from then, getting to know your wife, what she likes to eat,  the way she reacts when she is angry  or irritated, same goes for the woman. She learns to understand this man that she just met and then they fall in love and the model worked for a pretty long time and this couple will leave together for a long time except the man decides to take a new wife- the African type of way but there were still a lot of them that married just one wife.

Back in those days, the woman knew to respect her husband and take care of the kids and the husband knows that he has to provide for his family at all cost.

Now lets go to present time, we have the opportunity to actually be friends with the opposite sex, choose who we want to be with and get to know him/her before deciding to walk down the aisle.

Given these opportunities that we have, shouldn’t we make better choices but No this is not the case, Divorce cases in the court has tripled over the years, people are getting married for the wrong reasons and settling for whatever it is they can lay their hands on.

So just maybe we should just go back to the days were marriages are arranged and  lets stop all the fronting and unnecessary drama.

Who is on my side?

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