As A Wife, As A Girlfriend

Firstly, you are not the WIFE, you are the GIRLFRIEND, geefweend…

There are certain things you should not do

You need to know your place as a girlfriend and stop behaving like you are the wife and as a wife, you need to be and act like one.

As a Girlfriend:
  • Your life should not revolve around your boyfriend, be your own person, have a purpose in life, that’s how the boy will break up with you and your life is in shambles, you end up not having anything to put your attention on …..GET A LIFE!!!
  • You are not a wife, be respectful. Every once in a while, cook for him, help him clean up but don’t make it become your life mission to always do all these things except when you guys are ENGAGED….become the house-girl if you like, that’s your problem.
  • Putting his needs before yours all the time. If he is marriage material, he will want the best for you and will take greater care not to put you in predicaments where you’re forced to choose between his needs and yours.
  • Don’t move into his house, spend the weekend once in a while but become the wife before you are given the title.
As A Wife:

I wouldn’t know am not yet one. However, give me about a year and then i can come back and finish this post #Wink

But from what i have heard:

  • Respect your husband
  • Don’t bruise his Ego
  • Your are his wife not his househelp or housekeeper, so in as much as you want to take care of him, you deserve to be taken care of too.
    Hence, you need to remind yourself of that every now and then.
  • If you already had a purpose in life before getting married, you would not have issues regarding being a clingy wife.

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