Aso Ebi Is Out o……

Aso Ebi is out..this is a sentence a lot of us the ladies are familiar with and it goes from there, lets face it if we are to account for what we spend on aso ebi yearly, some of us would have started a business for ourselves.

Yes it is beautiful but this what my colleague said the other day, she said:

Why buy asoebi that you can’t afford? Why put yourself under so much financial stress because you want to ‘SLAY’ at someone’s wedding? The asoebi trend in Nigeria is disturbing. People will pick asoebi with very outrageous price and get angry when some people say they are not buying or they can’t afford it. At times Asoebi doesn’t mean that love exist among family members or friends.

Most times it is ‘OJU AYE’ E sha je ka ra (Let us just buy it). If at all you want to pick asoebi, pick something that is affordable. If you can’t then pick Color.
The truth is as small as your asoebi price is some people still can’t afford it, don’t get angry with them or look down on them. We all have priorities.
If someone you know picks asoebi and you can’t afford it pls don’t put yourself under stress by going to borrow. It’s absurd.
There are so many people that can’t afford a meal per day, Why not apply wisdom and be a blessing to the people that can’t even feed let alone have clothes to wear instead of wasting money.
#buywhatyoucanafford #getitright #dontwastemoney

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