If there’s any fusion ever received with incredible pomp, it’s the fusion of a smartphone and a camera. It has flipped many fashions in the industry, and established a few new ones. As for respective examples, smartphone no longer remained a calling device, and selfies became a new token of self-love. Cut to present, a smartphone camera has become an indispensable feature, so much so, that a smartphone with a good snapper at the back is considered the best of the range and worth the bucks. The rest of the features aren’t even a plan. Since smartphone companies have already come to grips with such purchasing behaviors, they are leaving no stone unturned to create a camera that combines all and impresses. Last year, we’ve seen many innovations, and in the infographic below, we’ve discussed all those smartphones which have gathered eye rolls for being the best.

At first, let’s talk about the biggest launch of the season – Apple iPhone 8. The highlight of its camera setup is the HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode, capturing pictures with a realistic detail and as crisper than ever. The complementary benefit is the BIS sensor that sits well with the HDR mode for pretty pictures. iPhone 8, on the launch day, was also flanked by iPhone 8 Plus, which again has an exceptionally built camera. With its Bokeh effect and brilliant portrait mode, it can give any DSLR camera a run for its money.

While Apple is notching up well to the benchmarks, Google has a few feats under its hood. Both the Pixel and Pixel 2 has respective camera credentials to boast about. While the former is a perfect bet for capturing sharp, well-outlined pictures, the latter has the best DXO score, proving that it’s the best camera for videography. Just like Apple and Google, Samsung is very much a part of the race. It got a little sluggish for a while after the Note 7 fiasco, but came back stronger with its Galaxy S8 editions. And now, it’s winning plaudits for Note 8 and how. It’s become a professional choice for many photographers who shoot at nights.

HTC U11 and Huawei Mate 10 Pro are two reasonably priced entries in the infographic. Their cameras are simply great for how they capture images with less noise, right colors and minimal drama.

2017 has been so far, so good for the smartphone camera innovation. However, a new day is on the horizon and we’re looking to what more it brings to us in 2018.

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