Best Trends of 2015

Now lets take a look some of the coolest and fab trends of 2015. People pushed boundaries this year by taking a lot of fashion risks


No 4 – Dresses + Sneakers

This is on of my favorite, this trend has been at the back down for a pretty long time but in 2015, it was major fashion do with a lot of girls rocking this trend. Trend

No 3 – Crop Tops

Crop tops were a mega hit this year with the girls, from long sleeve crops to off shoulder crops tops, girls were rocking this trend like it was the 90’s again.



No 2 – Denim on Denim

This trend was great for both genders, it was fab.

Trend  Trend


No 1 – The Agbada Bug

The guys were having a blast with this trend, with plenty memes about Yoruba boys. It trended so much that guys from other tribes had to join in. The ladies were not left out in this trend too, but the guys killed this one.


What was your best trend for 2015?

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