I have a BF But Yes AM Single

When you ask a girl that has a bf if she is single and says YES she is single, she is not lying, where is her ring?  So yes she is single because only married people are not single, as long as you are not married that makes you single.

When you go to some program they say single & married, they don’t say in a Relationship & singles program or Relationships & Married Single.

So the question is do you have a bf?  not “Are You Single?”.

I’m sure you have heard some guys say there is no ring on my finger which means they are single, so why shouldn’t girls do the same. If you are in a relationship and after two  years and you guys are still just dating then you should know you guys are not getting to that alter. He is simply using you till he meets the one.

Lately their are so many stories that goes, we dated for 4 years and he kept saying he was not ready, we broke up about  4 months ago and now he has proposed to another girl, that shit hurts like crazy and its really not fair – true, but you saw the signs darling.

Most boys complain when their girlfriend is flirting with another guy or mingling with some other guy, there is nothing wrong with that, you have not taking your status to the next level, there is a huge difference between dating and courtship, dating we are simply seeing, doing things regular friends do. Difference is, intimate things may be involved. This may just be the reason why people are beginning to confuse boyfriend for fiancee. Wake up and smell the coffee, he is simply your boyfriend  and nothing more till you guys are ready for the next level. So don’t get it twisted baby girl.

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