This is the 21st Century and women should be allowed to do whatever they want to do with their bodies, you will say SEXUAL LIBERATION.

I thought about this topic with the plan to go on about how women are always judged for their sexual experiences or lack of it BY MEN but have you noticed who judges us the most, it’s actually the GEORGINAS and not GEORGES. This is not to say that George’s do not judge, take it from me, I have the leader of all GEORGES as a father.

So my thought process goes towards the GEORGINA’S as they do the most;

Case Study: bbnaija2018 – BamTeddy & MiracleXNina

When these 2 groups of people allegedly had sex in the house, the guys were praised for giving these girls hard but ladies went in on the girls calling them all the names in the book. Nina was considered a complete HOE while Bambam was considered a disgrace because of the church girl persona that she had according to them.

Why are we quick to judge people about what they choose to do with their body, you complain about how men see us as sex objects and how we want to be able to do what the male folks do in every area of life but when some women actually allow themselves to let their inner freak fly, you ladies scream about morality and the bible.

When you lie, fornicate or cheat people, you are going to the same hellfire as a murderer, so what difference does it make.

Are you sure that you are not jealous of the fact that the woman in question is enjoying her sexuality and you are unable to cause of your morals?

I’m not saying being a wife material is not the way forward, I’m simply saying that let the next woman be the woman she wants to be without you pupils rolling out of your retina.


You are not God, when we all get to heaven let baba God do his/her thing.


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