Breathe on Me the Breath of Life



So this morning on my way to work, it was just another regular day to go to work, so i entered the cab and then waited for the cab to get full, so here comes this woman who sits beside me. I adjusted so that we could all be comfortable and get going, this same woman was trying to talk to the person on my left, she was on my right and then she opened her mouth, i never experredit, she blessed me with the breathe of life, literally i almost died, i could no longer breathe, i was in a state of coma in a nanosecond, because i took it all in, this woman just destroyed my sense of smell. If i could sue, i would have.

No one should ever go through that more than once in a lifetime. Personal hygiene is key, if you can not do it for yourself, please do it for others, you will save a life.

So today i will be giving tips on how to get a fresh breathe.

1. Drink 48 ounces of water a day. H2O lubricates your mouth, keeping bacteria at bay, and also keeps your body functioning normally. Reduce a lot of soft drinks and take water.

2. Brush and floss every single day.  Sure, flossing is an extra step, but it’s an important one. Brushing your teeth helps remove  plaque and bacteria on your teeth, but flossing helps to remove those bits of food that your toothbrush couldn’t get to. If you don’t floss regularly, the food in between your teeth will feed the bacteria in your mouth, and the more nutrients you give the bacteria(they get fatter, fresher &, the more the bacteria will give off stinky acids that cause bad breath.

3. Clean your tongue- This is the most important, please i beg you in the name of God, wash your tongue, brushing your teeth alone does not reduce the bad breath, so wash your tongue too.

Bacteria stick to your taste buds, then release a waste byproduct that causes a gross stench. When you use a tongue scraper or brush your tongue, you remove any bacteria, byproducts from the bacteria, or plaque that form.

4Rinse with alcohol-free mouthwash that contains a zinc compound.

5. Visit your dentist regularly- if everything listed above does not work, oga or madam please go see a dentist, you could be dealing with something more serious.

5 thoughts on “Breathe on Me the Breath of Life”

  1. I don’t know which one is better ” mouth odour or body odour” they are both terrifying.
    I have to carry perfume everywhere because you don’t know whom u will be sitting down with……lol….
    Terrible terrible thing……

  2. Honestly speaking this is really a serious issue and I hope more people are sensitized about it … Cleanliness is next to Godliness!!!

  3. It’s sad some pple will scrub their bodies like there’s another layer of skin underneath they as re trying to expose but will totally neglect their mouths

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