Brymo – The Klitoris Album


Olawale Ashimi popularly called Brymo shot into limelight with the chorus of Oleku in 2011 and it has been a journey for him since then with a lot of ups and downs.

Brymo dropped his 5th studio album “Klitoris” in May 2016, like him or not this guy is a musical genius with an exceptional writing skill that is lacking in a lot of our present day musician, this album is re-confirms that Brymo is not just a talent but a music Icon and that makes ever green music that will stand the test of time for generations to come.

As i grow old i have begin to appreciate deep and soul musicians such as Brymo and Adekunle Gold has this people don’t just sing song sang, they make music come alive and you feel the words in every core of your body.

First Track of this Album:

1. Naked Ft Esse – This is an intelligent mix of English & Yoruba Language, the Yoruba part of the song just hits you unexpectedly, the yoruba chorus just removes from 2016 to a time when all we watched was black & white. His vocals on this track is powerful, shows brymo as an original and brilliant poet, and songwriter. Naked shows us a bit of Olawale.

2. Dem Dey Go – The beat prepares on a journey that seem like it will last for a very long time, this song gave me some sort of reality check could be that for you too. The lyrics of this song just fills you up and also reminds us of our present state around us.

3. Happy Memories – Funky vibe with a little bit of Hollywood, gave me some sort of Neyo & John Legend Feel with an African Touch to it.

4. Ko S’aya Mi – This was a skip song for me, it was good but maybe not for me.

5.  Ajao Somolu –  Typical African vibe, 1,2 step, you know the way we yoruba people move with our shoulders, bringing out the local Yoruba girl in me. Awesome lyrics too, you may just catch me shouting on my lungs in the bathroom…ori mi peeeeeee bi alajo somolu eee

6. Something Good Is Happening – One of the song that made it to the mainstream, it has an upbeat vibe with old school Hollywood and definitely  a show of that amazing vocal.

7. Billion Naira Dream – Brymo pours out his heart into this song, it may not be a favorite for a lot of people but i love the way he uses his music to tell us amazing stories. I have a feeling this is one of those songs that means a lot to the writer. If you listen to lyrics of this song it tells everybody’s  story one way or another.

8. Lets Make Love – Just like the name, its a song for lovers, i picture watching the sun set while this song plays in the background. Brymo again shows his song writing skills, this song will certainly stand the test of time. I kept waiting for that bridge that will show Brymo’s amazing vocal range but sadly he decided to hoard it for us. This definitely one of my best songs on the album. Praying for a remix with simi.

9. Mirage – Brymo keeps proving on every track that his song writing skills are out of this world and those vocals…..i just can’t.

10. The Way the Cookie Crumbles – Again Lyrical genius, vocals on point, pronunciation of each word in the song feels like when chocolate melts in your mouth (i can’t explain it too, simply the brymo feel). Great song too

11.  The Girl From New York – I just wanted to know what the song was all about given the title but it was simply just that.

Brymo is just pure raw talent, he has proved himself times and times over again that he is going to be here for pretty long time and keep on making deep soulful music.

This album is rated 10/10, take it or leave it.

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