Why I can’t Ask If She is Pregnant….

Just maybe I enjoy being controversial or something but I have this burning question, what is wrong with asking the question “Are you Pregnant?”

Before you crucify me there are different scenarios to this, so I m talking about newlyweds, where the bride is already looking pregnant and yes they are indeed pregnant, those are the type of people, I’m referring to.

Yes, I understand that there are some people that may simply have hormonal issues which may make them look like they are pregnant or they lady has just packed on a few pounds, yes this type of people have a right to feel some type of way when they get asked this question and this is the only reason why asking the question is not right.

However, there are those lucky people that are just 6 months into their wedding and they are already blessed. What makes them feel some type of way when asked the question, the thing is nobody even dares to ask the question even me except you are like the person’s sister and not all sister’s can ask because the sister may just be a witch.

This bring me to the real reason I decided to write this post, Africans are too superstitious about everything, I can’t ask that question because I just might be a witch looking to change the sex of your baby from boy to girl or simply kill the baby.

Let’s just be prayerful and share your good news if asked, put a sister or brother out of mystery, instead of making everybody speculate about whether you just ate a bowl of fufu or you are truly preggers.

However, do not ask any woman this question…..hehe…my occasional controversial thought does not make it right…

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