My Love For Sneakers

Are you a sneakers girl, girrrllll i love you too. The white collection below is everything. 7. Dolce Vita Oriel Perforated Leather Sneaker, Chic.   6. Puma Match Lo Retro Sneakers 5. H&M Sneakers 4. Cole Haan Falmouth Slip-On Sneaker   3.  Vans Old Skool   Zara High-Top Sneakers – My Love  

The Hair Center

Do you have damaged hair? is your hair breaking? Are your edges are in Las vegas having fun while you are in Lagos struggling to get fuel? The Hair Center is the place for you. The Hair Center caters for all hair types, naturalistas and non- naturalistas Products & Services  rendered include: Nail Fixing Make-up …

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My Skin Care Journey

I’m one of those girls who doesn’t care about the soap, moisturizer, cream etc i use. It’s really difficult to just use a particular brand, there is so much to choose from, why will i just pick one …hmmm… today i will use Dettol, tomorrow, lux and on another irish spring, it all depends on …

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Styling Maxi Skirts

The maxi skirts of the first decade of the 1900’s were more structured than what we have now, but their body-contouring silhouette has recently been reworked and emphasized, with designs utilizing flowing fabrics that cling to the legs. Little History – The mini skirt is a far younger trend than its more prevalent counterpart, the maxi. …

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Shoe Care Tips

-How to Work in Heels without Pain.   You know that feeling when you put your heels at 10 am and by 12 pm you are already in a lot of pain. Fortunately, there is a simple trick that’ll  make wearing  shoes a bit more bearable—and it won’t cost a thing. Run your feet under cold …

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Tanya Heath – Convertible Shoes Change From Heels To Flats In a Click

    We’ve all wished at one time or another that our uncomfortable heels could magically be transformed into comfortable flats with the wave of a wand. Or that we could simply swap the heels on a favorite pair of pumps to give them new life. Thanks to a designer Tanya Heath, you can.   Tanya Heath is a …

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Cute Little Pump

Note to Cute Little Pump What is it with this little pump, is it the heel length, the comfort or the fact it is perfect for every occasion. For people that can’t cope with over 3 inches get over here. This shoe can be styled with a variety of items in your wardrobe. See how …

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