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Anonymous still in hiding says :

That Akward Moment,

So, you’v been expecting your august visitor for a while (and no, messing around isn’t your nature)
Finally it comes while at work,and then in your mind you handled the situation.
Unfortunately, you picked this faithful day to wear a tong…so uncomfortable mehn
On your way home, you try all you possible best to sit in such a way that you don’t get stained.
Haaa,my bus stop at last !!!
You stroll to your estate gate and inside,greeting all the security guys with a warm smile and all the passers-by that you know(where some of them were checking you out from behind – you noticed)
In your mind you are feeling  fly yeah I know, am hawt like that..
Little did you know…
You get home,greet your elder sis and walk away.
she calls you back and ask.. “wait,are you on, you are like yeah..”
alarms ringing in your head…you check your back and …NNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!
I’ll never wear tong ever again….never!
I’m not going out till 2years time…
Life will understand.:sob::sob: #thursdayrantwithoye

Emex says :

Do people think it’s solely the fault of the white policemen or both parties are at fault? How do people think it can be stopped #blacklivesmatter#thursdayrantwithoye

Rookie ranter says:

Note to the powers that be: Please epp us. Kindly create a Cold leave so that people will stop distributing cold as if it is fliers that they are handing out. My seatmate has given me cold so many times that I have lost count. I have cold and I feel like I carried “pon pon” overnight. I am thinking of moving her seat to the  canteen but my church mind is telling me to forgive. This should not be too difficult cos we now have Menstruation leave  #just saying #Thursday rant with Oye

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