Cheating Girlfriends Mean Well

Yessss…now that you have opened this post thanks to the title, I just need to ask the Male folks this question –  “why is it hard to forgive a cheating girlfriend ?” . You cheat all the time too right, so what’s the big deal when a girl cheats?

The excuse that the ladies are emotionally stronger and can take any form of cheatation is just a load of crap.

In my opinion, I think it’s all about the man’s ego and the fact that some random guy just went in on your girl, most guys can’t just let it go or live past it.

I also noticed that if the cheatation is not public knowledge and its just between the couple, there is a huge probability that the guy will forgive the girl. But once a friend of his knows that his girl cheated on him at some point, then he will break up with the girl, claiming I’m “THE MAN” and  can’t take a cheating girlfriend.

Yeah right brother..calm your horses down as to err is  to human and to forgive is divine…Be Divine!!! LOL

My Name is Oye and i just want to make uncommon sense.

2 thoughts on “Cheating Girlfriends Mean Well”

  1. I think the big question is – why should you cheat in the first instance? Were you forced into the relationship? If you know u cnt be with just one person, remain single na and have your fun. No crime in that na

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