Chronicles Of A Random Girl

Am on  my own, walking jejely on my own o, you say HI and i do not feel like replying you. Then you take offence, who send you, as i don’t feel like saying HI back, what should i now do?

Just because i flirt with you, does not mean am interested in dating you….for all its worth it may just be for the spur of the moment.

If you are my boyfriend don’t be mad when you catch me flirting with another guy, am just catching cruise….i mean y’all flirt all the time.

The fact that you see me and my friends hanging out in a joint does not mean we do not have a man in our lives. Can’t we just hang out to have girl time?

For real not every successful woman needs a man….#running away#

Just because i did not pick your call at the moment does not mean you should not try later. The act of chasing makes us feel good.

Most times when i say NO to sex, it really means NO….- can somebody just be great

Just because i had a one night with you doesn’t make me a HO – double standard ish

My name is OYE and i just want to make uncommon senseChronicles






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