Creativity or Ridiculous

We bring to you the most creative shoes ever made at the moment, Yeah at the moment because you never can tell who is going to be more creative than what you are about to see.

This is creativity beyond my imagination, like these designers do not have a box to think out of, they think out of space. Most people wouldn’t put on these things except you are LADY GAGA.

1. Is this suppose to be ladder to enter into the shoe or slide for children…..hmm not really sure, great creativity.

Creative 1


2. This is called the CLAW, this oyinbo people sef….TF is this, lets just pray and assume this is just an ART


Creative 2


3. This is i will call CHOPSTICKS, i do not need the sticks when i want to eat Chinese, i will just get it from my shoe. Nice really nice.

Creative 3


4. I am pretty sure the designer has not completed this pair, lets just give him/her a little time.

Creative 4


5. The Catapot-just as the name says…..just perfect.

Creative 8


6. No words for this right here.

Creative 9


7. The mother & daughter shoe – i think the mother and daughter are suppose to be in the shoe together. Yep i figured.



Creative 10




8. Well, maybe the person was craving sardine….is this KOTE or TITUS. May you not be chased by a dog or cat in this slippers….can i get an Amen.

Creative 5


9. This is just plain disgusting

Creative 7



10. So now my shoes can do my sniffing for me….just perfect.

Creative 11



11. You have to be out of your mind to put this pair on.

Creative 12

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