Danfo Chronicles

If you have a your private car inside this Lagos or you been driving since you were in your mother’s womb, then you cannot understand this struggle….brothers and sisters the struggle is real.

A few things that we go through :

You and a friend wee just be in the bus minding your business, talking to each other, then one uncle kamoru wee just put mouth and say something silly… Excuse me sir did we ask you ? What is your own?

When that sweaty fat woman sits beside you, God bless you that day, you are now putting on a sleeveless dress. The end.

There are the pervs that will just keep staring at you and all you want to do is slap that smirk of their face.

On a good day, you sit at edge where the conductor hangs or bends to collect money,  and he stretches his hands to collect money from the passenger behind you…its over, the stench from the armpit will destroy the future of that day.

Only skinny or slim girls can relate to this : when you are the only skinny girl on the row of 3 fat people….You are finished.

The raggedness of the bus is another problem, if your cloth should get caught in one of those things, Goodbye, hopefully you are not on your way to a Date or Interview.

When you enter a bus  full of women coming from the market, wow….the smell is out of this world.

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  1. When you have to come down from the bus several times so that different passengers can get down when dey get to the bus stop, different perfume fragrance
    Sitting at the back, begging the other passengers to shift a bit but they feel they have done that enough already and you are just there squeezed with your clothes gradually getting rumpled

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