The Dark Brown Eyed Mister

I saw him in that moment, he looked back at me or I thought he did, he was the most beautiful male I had seen in a long time.

What is wrong with you? stop staring, I told myself, he is hot, tall, dark, beard for days with toned muscles, I bet the abs under those long sleeve shirt must be carved to fit. Finally, our eyes met for what seemed like 3 mins but it was less than 5 secs.

My heart sinked, as I felt the wetness between my thighs, little miss goody two shoes, look at you, he looked at me again & smiled, then stood up, I couldn’t believe my luck, he was walking to meet me, his dark brown eyes pierced into mine & I wondered what it would be like to be wrapped in those arms, I felt myself dripping between my thighs at that thought. “Hello”, he caught through my thoughts, I looked up at his face, was not listening to a word he said but was looking at the movement of lips, as I wondered what his lips will feel like on my body.

OYEEEEEEEE, come & make lunch, just like that it ended.

But I’m certain that, we will meet again You Dark Brown Eyed Mister.

Could this be reality, Dream or Imagination?

Help Oye figure this out…

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